Champagne helps superyachts brave video interviewing

Sometimes all you need is champagne and a little faith. The video interviewing system provided by TUV Consulting literally revolutionises the way captains and crew agents recruit new crew each season.

The secure, pre-recorded videos can be played back at any time, shared with senior crew and management companies for quick group decisions and by watching short videos from candidates you can quickly tell who is potentially suitable for your yacht and worth a face to face interview, and who you can decline straight away.

A no brainer then you might think. Surely most captains and crew agents would jump at the chance of saving hours of recruitment admin time and the expenses of losing a day to interviewing face to face. Let alone overcoming time zones challenges with potential crew placed all over the world. But like many things new to us, it can be a little scary.

Luckily the team at TUV know what they are doing and champagne has saved the day. Offering a complimentary bottle in exchange for taking a free trial of the system during Palma Yacht Show and Genoa Charter Show was met with bubbling enthusiasm.

Free champagne offer encourages superyacht industry to embrace video interviewing

Dutch Courage

Of the eight superyachts that took advantage of the offer and successfully completed the trial, six are now using TUV for all future recruitment and several crew agents have also signed up. Luckily TUV offer a pay as you go service so captains can access the system whenever they have a position to fill without incurring any monthly charges.

In an increasingly digital world, video interviewing is taking over traditional methods and it looks like the superyacht industry is keeping up.

One captain of a 35m motor yacht commented, “Initially I didn’t think I had time to learn a new system and keep up with the amount of positions I needed to fill before the start of the Med season. TUV helped me though the set up during the show, which was actually very easy, and I filled two vacancies almost immediately. Anything video related is a little daunting, but then I suppose the champagne would give me the Dutch courage I needed!”

For a free trial contact TUV consulting via or by calling +33 (0) 621 165 993