Superyacht recruitment using future proof technology

TUV Consulting offers a practical solution to any superyacht recruitment challenges with their recorded, secure video-interviewing tool. They offer a reliable way for management companies, crew agents and Captains to reduce recruitment administration, position themselves above the masses, and find the best possible crew wherever they are in the world.

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TUV’s online interviewing tool allows you or your team to set interview questions and receive recorded and shareable videos from potential crew answering your specific questions. This allows you to assess each person’s skills, presentation and personality before selecting whom to meet in person.

Videos can be shared with anyone you give permission to, so if you are a yacht management company you can share the videos quickly to make effective team decisions. If you are a superyacht crew agent you can use the video-interviewing tool to select several candidates for a recruiting Captain, and then send them a professional, high quality, recorded interview of the candidates answering his or her questions. This positions you above many other crew agents and provides the optimum service for your Captains.

TUV provides a quick and easy tool to make sure people get the team member they need, from a selection of crew from all over the world. Not just the ones on your doorstep, or dock!

Asking for a video interview from potential candidates also positions you above your competitors. Candidates will trust that you are professional and forward thinking and this generates respect, loyalty and enthusiasm from the start.

Now for the technical bit… The network is highly secure and you can record videos from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. You only need 0.3mb of upload speed to create a video, so there are no excuses for not being able to produce a high definition video response.

Prices start from as little as €7.50 per candidate and your account can be activated within minutes.

TUV are the only superyacht specific provider of video interviewing. The team have a strong background on board and understand the nuances of yachtlife.

Without name dropping, leading global crew agents, management companies and large superyacht businesses are already using TUV’s video interviewing tool and predict that this service will become a recruitment standard in the not to distance future.

Hopefully this has titillated your taste buds for an easy way to take the pain out of superyacht recruitment and take advantage of the latest technology available. Call or email TUV today and they can give you a full online demonstration.

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