Nautica Assistance Ocean's Lovers

Pledge support to the Ocean’s Lovers movement at MYBA Charter Show

Eco-Warrior Crew – This is for you!

Ocean’s Lovers is a new project from the passionate team at Nautica Assistance, a popular yacht agency based in Sardinia.

Launching at MYBA Charter Show with an environmentally conscious event on Thursday 2nd May Captains and crew will be invited to pledge their support in keeping Sardinian oceans, beaches and marine life safe from plastics, human damage and pollution.

Invitations printed on recycled paper will be handed out during the show and the team at Nautica Assistance will be serving a range of delicious Sardinian treats including local beers and wine served in compostable glasses along with breads, salami and cheese.

Captains and crew will be asked to sign the pledge whilst enjoying a traditional Sardinian aperitif and will be gifted an Ocean’s Lovers t-shirt and badge to say thank you.

As one of Europe’s most beautiful and unique locations, the Ocean’s Lovers movement is about having an active attitude and a strong intention to commit to protecting the coastline and seas of Sardinia and sister island Corsica.

One of the main environmental issues in Sardinia is that visitors continually remove the fine white sand from their idyllic beaches to take home with them. Although they are lucky so far and the beaches have not yet been permanently scarred by excessive plastic waste and pollution, Nautica Assistance know that the problems are a global issue and need to be addressed now.

Federica Tillocca, a yacht agent at NA explained, “A few days ago a mother whale was found in Cala Romantica, one of the most beautiful bays in Porto Cervo (Sardinia). She was dead, with a little baby inside her, and her stomach full of plastic. If you think about our beautiful and crystalline waters, and then you put such a terrible episode in the same picture, it makes you realise quite how bad the situation is.

“Just because our ocean view is currently an unspoiled masterpiece, doesn’t mean the global environmental problems will just disappear by itself. We decided here at Nautica Assistance that we have to do something. At the very least be part of all the people of the world saying #nomore and taking real actions.

“For example if we can encourage our yachts to stop buying plastic bottles and choose eco friendly alternatives instead, then the manufacturers will have to use organic and bio degradable plastic alternatives made of natural materials, and this will make a big impact on our oceans. “

Visit Nautica Assistance at booth 58 on Thursday 2nd May anytime from 3pm – 6.30pm at the MYBA Charter Show at OneOcean Port Vell in Barcelona and sign the Ocean’s Lovers pledge, making your promise to protect the environment we live and play in.

To contact Nautica Assistance please email, call +39 0789 57607 or visit